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Analysing the feedback

The aim of this analysis was to end up with a final list of priority farm animal welfare issues, as checked against the opinions of cluster group experts and stakeholders. In each cluster, the feedback from the consultation process was analysed using the same four methodological steps:

  • An overall score for each issue from each stakeholder was obtained by multiplying the score given for the severity of each issue (1-5) by the score given for the number of animals affected (1-3);
  • An average score for each issue was calculated by summing up the stakeholders scores per issue;
  • The issues were then ranked numerically from the highest to the lowest (the highest average score indicates the most important welfare issue);
  • Further analysis reflects the prevailing perceptions within each of the stakeholder groups.

The analysis and scoring of the feedback from the consultation round resulted in 107 key issues. This final list of priority issues is an amalgamation of any issue that appeared in the top 10 overall ranking and any issue that appeared in the top 5 ranking of any stakeholder group.

The following numbers of welfare issues were perceived as high priority:

Beef & Dairy 28
Pork 23
Poultry meat 14
Eggs 21
Farmed fish 21

Full tables per cluster, presenting the final list of 107 key farm animal welfare issues, can be viewed by clicking on the menu buttons to the left.

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