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Consulting the stakeholders

Once a list of potential farm animal welfare issues was established, the Platform decided to move beyond the opinion and initial choices of the cluster group experts. A very broad range of stakeholders in various EC countries was asked to grade the potential issues in terms of two criteria:

  • The relative severity of the issue (score from 1 to 5);
  • The number of animals affected (score from 1 to 3).

The aim of this consultation was to reveal relevant key farm animal welfare issues, as they are perceived by a wide variety of stakeholders: farmers, integrators, industry bodies, scientists, NGO’s, retailers, food service companies.

More than 200 stakeholder responses from various EC countries were received. This process yielded the following numbers of well documented answers in the various product clusters.

Beef & Dairy 58
Pork 35
Poultry meat 46
Eggs 16
Farmed Fish 46


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