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Farm Animal Welfare

The adoption of intensive livestock production methods, some of the modern breeding techniques, bio-technological advances and great improvements in nutrition have ensured the production of food at the lowest price, one of the main objectives of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy.

However, quality production has suffered as the use of restricted space, barren environments, and antibiotics often took the place of good farm animal welfare practices. Yet, awareness of environmental impacts, farm animal health and welfare, and sustainability issues has grown substantially as consumers became more concerned about the animals’ quality of life and about the safety of food. Salmonella in eggs, the use of antibiotics in farm animal feed, outbreaks of classical swine fever, foot and mouth disease, BSE and avian influenza all increased public concern about animal husbandry.

Farm animal welfare has become an issue high on the agenda of consumers, retailers, farmers, politicians, the media and other groups.

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