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Farm animal welfare and its assessment are hot topics in the media. A constant flow of information is generated, both in scientific publications and in the general press. This news section provides a summary of articles, as well as the project’s press releases.

Articles and publications

The EAWP Communications Team is constantly monitoring the latest news on animal welfare throughout the food chain.

We will continue to post links to interesting news stories on this page so do check it regularly.

01.07.2011 The European Animal Welfare Platform releases its second e-newsletter and launches a new version of its website

16.12.2010 EAWP report on the Marketing and Communication of Animal Welfare - A Review of Existing Tools, Strategies and Practice

16.12.2010 EFSA releases report of external study on animal welfare risk assessments guidelines on housing and management

10.12.2010 EAWP Report concerning consumer perceptions and attitudes toward farm animal welfare

03.11.2010 EU-funded religious dialogue group DIALREL presents recommendations to ensure animal welfare during ritual slaughter

11.10.2010 Delhaize launches guide for sustainable consumption of fish

08.10.2010 Animal welfare news sways US meat consumers - study

24.09.2010 Debate starts on aquaculture's pros and cons

28.07.2010 EFSA publishes assessment of welfare problems in broilers

21.06.2010 Demand for higher welfare sees pork sales rise

14.06.2010 Farmers want to talk to consumers about animal welfare

01.06.2010 Survey: animal welfare tops food concern for UK consumers

26.05.2010 The European Animal Welfare Platform releases its first e-newsletter

28.04.2010 New internet platform puts spotlight on CSR in commerce

23.02.2010 Record-breaking demand for Freedom Food

15.01.2010 Albert Heijn to stop sale of factory-farmed pork

06.01.2010 EFSA publishes report on development of animal welfare risk assessment guidelines on transport

29.10.2009 European Commission published report on animal welfare labelling and reference centres

29.10.2009 British Farm Animal Welfare Council publishes new opinion on dairy cow welfare

21.10.2009 First European Protocols for assessing farm animal welfare published

08-09.10.2009 WelfareQuality hosts Final Conference

08.10.2009 EconWelfare - Newsletter 2 [October 2009]

08.09.2009 Stanford study: half of fish consumed globally is now raised on farms

26.08.2009 US Commission formed on animal well-being

29.07.2009 Burger King: no more meat from castrated pigs [German

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