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Issue Group Production Stage Welfare Issue
Mutilations Farrowing units Castration
Farrowing units Tail docking
Transport Transport to Slaughter Loading
Transport between Units Journey Time
Transport to Slaughter Journey Time
Transport to Slaughter Vehicle Design for Transporting Livestock
Lairage Lairage Unloading
Lairage Lairage Design & Management
Lairage Fight Marks/ Lesions / Aggression in the Lairage
Lairage Race Design
Space Allowance Breeding / Pregnancy Units Space allowance
Finishers Space allowance
Bedding / Flooring Breeding / Pregnancy Units Flooring (design)
Breeding / Pregnancy Units Bedding (quality / quantity)
Finishers Bedding (quality / quantity)
Air Quality Breeding / Pregnancy Units Climate control (Ventilation / Air Quality)
Finishers Climate control (Ventilation / Air Quality)
Enrichment Breeding / Pregnancy Units Availability of rooting and manipulable materials
Weaners Availability of rooting and manipulable materials
Finishers Availability of rooting and manipulable materials
Farrowing Farrowing units Lack of Opportunity to Nest Build
Farrowing units Restriction of Movement
Mixing Animals Weaners Mixing groups of animals

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