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Issue Group Production Stage Welfare Issue
Genetics Broiler Growing - Standard Genetic Growth Rate
Breeder Rearing / Laying Feed Restriction / Genetic Growth Rate – Males
Breeder Rearing / Laying Feed restriction / Genetic growth rate – females
Husbandry Breeder Rearing Enrichment (opportunity to perform natural behaviour)
  Broiler Growing - Standard Space allowance
  Broiler Growing - Standard Heat Stress
  Broiler Growing - Standard Air Quality
Health / Husbandry Broiler Growing - Standard Leg Health
Broiler Growing - Standard Pododermatitis
Manual Catching Catching – Breeder & Broiler Catching Practices – Manual
Transport Transport – Breeders, Chicks & Broilers Thermal Comfort
Electric Stunning Slaughter – Breeder & Broiler Effectiveness of Electric Stun
Slaughter – Breeder & Broiler Hang-to-stun Time
Slaughter – Breeder & Broiler Shackling / Inversion


Issue Group Production Stage Welfare Issue
Design of
Laying Space Allowance
Laying Enrichment (opportunity to perform natural behaviour)
Laying Inspection, esp. top tier
Slaughter – Breeders & Layers Shackling / Inversion
Slaughter – Breeders & Layers Hang-to-stun Time
Slaughter – Breeders & Layers Effectiveness of Electric Stun
Catching Catching – Breeders & Layers Catching Practices - Manual
Transport Transport - Chicks Thermal Comfort
Transport - Breeders & Layers Thermal Comfort
Transport - Breeders & Layers Journey Time
Transport - Breeders & Layers Space Allowance
Transport - Breeders & Layers Unloading Technique
Lairage Lairage – Breeders & Layers Thermal Comfort / Lairage Ventilation
Lairage – Breeders & Layers Lairage Time
Pullet Rearing Space Allowance
Pullet Rearing Light Source - Requirement for Natural Light
Laying Synchrony between laying/pullet rearing environment
Vice / Mutilations Pullet Rearing Breed Cannibalism / Feather Pecking
Egg Parent Stock Rearing Beak Trimming (Females)
Pullet Rearing Beak trimming (hot blade)
Health / Injury All systems Bone Breakage at End of Lay


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