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About the EAWP project process

Characteristics of animal products are different and welfare issues are quite diverse. This is why the EAWP Management Committee decided to split up activities in five clusters: poultry meat, eggs, pork, beef and dairy and farmed salmon.

Cluster members represent different regions of Europe. They are experts from a range of stakeholders: producers, processors, retailers and NGO’s. All the clusters address similar issues, but studied from their specific field of interest. By exchanging knowledge and experience, they aim for a common goal: to look for ways of improving the production- and distribution process, so that they can be both economically viable and animal friendly.

In identifying the key welfare issues for each animal product group, all clusters proceeded along the same consecutive steps:

  • Agree the scope of the production system.
  • Map the production chain.
  • Agree all possible welfare issues within the animal product chain.
  • Consult stakeholders and ask them to grade the welfare issues.
  • Analyse the data to generate a list of key issues.
  • Write a ‘roadmap’ which includes best practices as well as gaps in knowledge and suggestions for further research.

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The authors gratefully acknowledge from the European Community financial participation under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration Activities, for the Support Action "EAWP" European Animal Welfare Platform, Grant Agreement KBBE-212326.

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