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Writing a roadmap

The final outcome of the EAWP project will be a ‘roadmap’ of strategies for the future. Before the cluster groups began the editing process, a second consultation round was held. The aim was to ensure that no topical issues had been overlooked.

From this reassessment by the stakeholder groups, three such issues were identified and added to the list of key welfare issues: pododermatitis in broilers; bone strength in end of lay caged egg layers; and provision of shade and shelter in beef production.

Each cluster group then began writing a ‘roadmap’ document for every single key welfare issue. The roadmap may be the ‘best practice’ to aim at, or it may identify knowledge gaps that require further research.

Once completed, the ‘roadmaps’ will present short- and longer term actions to address each issue; list barriers to implementation; identify key parameters for monitoring and measuring progress; and suggest subjects for research and development that can generate improved practice.

For every welfare issue, the ‘roadmap’ documents provide comments on the following, standardized subjects:

  • Current situation with regard to the issue.
  • The cause(s) of the issue.
  • How the issue is best measured / monitored.
  • Detail of existing best practice / legislation.
  • Barriers to adoption of best practice at the current time.
  • Short term improvement strategy.
  • Long term improvement strategy, including identification of research gaps.
  • References.

An example of one ‘roadmap’ document, addressing the welfare issue ‘floor and bedding’ for the product group ‘cattle-dairy’ can be viewed by clicking here.

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