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The European Animal Welfare Platform (EAWP) aims at improving farm animal welfare throughout the food chain. It does so by providing a discussion platform where stakeholders like farmers, processors, retailers, academics and a variety of NGOs can meet.

The EAWP aims to stimulate open debate and to strive for consensus across the seemingly conflicting views of the various interest groups. This includes analysing and prioritising welfare risks in supply chains and facilitating exchanges of experience and knowledge on good practices.

Results of the EAWP forum should offer win-win situations: farmers will find that improving animal welfare is likely to increase cost-effectiveness and profitability; producers and retailers will highlight the high standards of their products and thereby improve public perception and image; consumers will be reassured about how their food is being produced;. A full overview of the EAWP objectives can be found by clicking here.

EAWP is a three year EC sponsored project under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration Activities. The platform builds on and benefits from the results of Welfare Quality©, an EC-funded research project. WQ developed an on-farm animal welfare assessment system, based on four general welfare principles and 12 criteria for good welfare with specific measures per species, and finally an overall unit score. WQ also developed practical welfare improvement strategies and analysed public and industry concerns and demands.

Read here how EAWP will proceed, and how its activities are organised.

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The authors gratefully acknowledge from the European Community financial participation under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration Activities, for the Support Action "EAWP" European Animal Welfare Platform, Grant Agreement KBBE-212326.

This publication reflects only the author(s)'views and the European Community is not liable for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.

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